Do it yourself VOIP pbx with Elastix

Elastix is a full phone PBX system which works OK with VOIP. Any VOIP system can give problems due to its changing route through the Internet. This Elastix system has been tested and found to be OK. It controls the internal phone network on the LAN very well and links up to external SIP providers. The difficulties are in finding good hardware which links it up to the old POTS phone system. VOIP is now - in 2010 - much better than it was a couple of years ago.

Requirements: A reasonably fast computer i.e. 2ghz CPU, 1gig of ram, 40gig + hard drive.

A fast broadband connection

A fixed IP or If this can't be arranged a dynamic IP will do.

Elastix Startup - System details page

Instructions include how to set up Sipgate for international calls. This links up to all your phone extensions. through your Elastix PBX System.

To add a new phone extension click top menu PBX - select add sip device - enter all details including voicemail - as above

Automatic voicemail and answerphones are also part of Elastix along with extension dial plans etc,.

For full instructions and install disk for the Elastix PBX click below.

You will be sent a CD or DVD and installation instructions - please state ELASTIX with the order