Routers with an excellent VOIP facility

Draytek Vigor 2820Vn

ADSL/ADSL2+ and Broadband Router
Dual-WAN ports for ADSL or cable modem or both
3G (Cellular) Modem support
Analogue Modem Connectivity (Dial-Backup)
Comprehensive and Robust Firewall
Twin VoIP ports with PSTN passthrough ('V' models only)
Content Filtering (by matched keyword or data type)
GlobalView Category Filtering (Subject to subscription)
Ethernet and WiFi Virtual LAN segmentation (common/distinct)
Configurable QoS Features (For traffic prioritisation)
VPN Dial-in/dial-out with VPN hardware co-processor
802.11n Wireless LAN ('n' models only)
Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for LAN Server connectivity
USB Port for Printer or 3G Modem
Highly configurable but easy to install and monitor

£198 including delivery (UK mainland only).


Can be set up for any VOIP provider or linked to your own VOIP PBX and tested before dispatch.

We can also set them up up on site within 100 miles of Southampton.

Please contact us for prices.


Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

ADSL/ADSL2+ Router
Compatible with ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ & Annex M
Wireless - 802.11n Wireless LAN ('n' models)
Twin VoIP Phone Ports with POTS passthrough ('V' models only)
NAS Facility - Add a USB memory key for shared LAN
storage/access (Requires USB Memory)
USB Printer Port to share/access a printer
Object based Firewall
Content Filtering & Access Control
4-Port 10/100BaseT Ethernet Switch
Wireless On/Off & WPS Buttons ('n' model only)
WMM - WiFi multimedia ('n' model only)
Easy configuration, monitoring & control from web-interface
Dial-Out VPN Facilities

£148 including delivery (UK mainland only).


We have tested the Draytek Routers now for many years and they give a good stable VOIP call without the common crashes and call drops experienced with some other systems.

VOIC use the Draytek VOIP connections for nearly all incomimg and outgoing calls. The BT and Virgin landlines (POTS) are never used apart from 0800 numbers.

(On the ADSL models above POTS can be switched over to by entering #0 the default setting.)


Draytek Vigor 2930Vn

Only for cable connections such as Virgin Broadband

Broadband Router/Firewall
Dual Ethernet WAN ports
Load Balancing & WAN Failover
VPN Dial-in/dial-out with VPN hardware co-processor
VPN Trunking
Comprehensive and Robust Firewall
Content Filtering (by matched keyword or data type)
Web Site Category Filtering & Blocking
Ethernet and WLAN Virtual LAN segmentation (common/distinct)
Configurable QoS Features (For traffic prioritisation)
802.11n Draft 2.0 Wireless LAN ('n' models)
Highly configurable amd easy to install and manage

The Voice-over-IP (VoIP) facilities on the Vigor 2930 'V' models within the series are extensive. Standard SIP compliance, with up to 12 simultaneous registrars (e.g. DrayTEL etc.) is supported, plus multiple codec support and many supplemental services enabling you to make thorough use of your Internet connection for Voice calls. Short codes (speed dials) and VoIP LCR ('Least Cost Routing') are also supported

£245 including delivery (UK mainland only).