Q: i am trying to set up a call shop (internet cafe offering cheap international calls) and i would appreciate it if you can advise me on what i can purchase from you to get my business up and running. i am operating from trinidad, west indies.

A: I can supply you with lots of VOIP adapters (ATA's) configured with differeent numbers - UK< USA, Hong Kong, possibly Germany and other countries soon - then all your calls can be local calls. Some have a web interface direct on to their exchanges which give you up to the minute call costs. If you have other phone shops or family with broadband - antywhere in the world - they can be supplied with ATA's to give you free and permanent connections ( voip to voip ) to those shops or homes. The possiblilities are endless.

Q: Hello can you please confirm that I will be able use this device without connection to a pc (i.e. plug into an ASDL filter) then attach a DECT cordless base station. I'd also like to configure the device to use the following VOIP provider http://www. thank you Tony

A: For ADSL Grandstream 486 requires a filter, as you mention, then an ADSL modem which must have an RJ45 outlet (most ADSL modems are built into routers). It then comes from your modem to the WAN on the Grandstream 486. Your dect base station then plugs into the Grandstream. I've just searched the Skype site and VOIPCHEAP sites found that Skype and VOIPCHEAP, surprisingly, will only work from a computer. The service installed in this ATA will allow you to download a Skype like phone onto your computer, pre-configured with all the settings in the ATA. You can then use the number provided, add other UK numbers and even PBX them together both on your computers and phone ATA devices - like Skype it's free voip to voip. There are also other suppliers similar to this giving the full range of services. I'm sure Skype will get this together as well soon


Q: Hi I want to be able to use my cordless phone at home to make ordinary calls but then use VoIP to talk to my bother at uni over the internet using the same cordless phone. My understanding is that all I have to do is plug the unit in when I want to talk to him, otherwise it will use the phone line, is this correct? The acount that it comes with, what would my brother have to setup to use a phone conected to his USB, and do you have any USB phones? Will you allow local collection because im only in st. annes. Chris.

A: Hi Chris - you can either plug the phone plug into your phone line for normal use then plug it into the ATA for VOIP. Or you can configure the ATA to connect to VOIP first then PSTN second via a code such as #.This requires a link line from your ordinary phone outlet to the ATA. You can install the skype like computer phone software directly into any computer via a control panel that you will have access to, it would require a different number setting up there to allow you to ring your ATA - I've no USB phones for this type of use.


Q: Hi, I'm interested in this object but I need some extra info: the power adapter is UK standard (I live in Italy... I need an adapter?) Do you ship from UK (i.e. no extra fee for clearance and so on..)? Thank you, Francesco
A: Hi - the plug is USA type 2 pin, I usually supply with UK adapter but I think it will plug straight in to your sockets. It works on any voltage from 110v to 240v automatically - no adjustment needed.I'm sending one to Italy tomorrow it's £8.90 for postage + insurance - no extra fee.


Q: 6Nov2005

Q: Hi I have some softwares that allows me to call using my PC. I also receive PC to PC calls from this software. You should know net2phone and skype. Normally I have to log on with my username and password to get access to my credit to make calls. I want to know if this your adaptor can work on them as I need to log on to PC to put the username and password. Please explian to me how to go about it.

A: Hi - I've just searched the Skype and net2phone sites. It seems like there's a possibility to use the Grandstream with the net2phone service but you would have to ask them to send the settings. The username and password used in the Grandstream is your sip username and password. On powerup it logs in automatically and stays logged in all the time once it connects to the service. I suppose net2phone use the sip username and password for their service but only mention how to set up a Cisco ATA which negotiates their servers and auto configures.


Q: Hello, Interested in this item. Just wanted to confirm that this is unlocked and I can telnet/ http directly into it to change the settings/ provider. Thanks Arif
A: Hi - it's supplied with the admin password, so you can do what you like with it. Full access is on http through its LAN connection to your computer. Once you get into the unit it can also be enabled for WAN side access as well.