About VOIP

All companies have a telephony need - and most already have a data network to allow their PCs to communicate with their servers. With IP Telephony (sometimes referred to as VoIP or voice over IP) these two technologies become one bringing huge advantages and cost savings.

An IP Telephony system can be seamlessly integrated into your current systems and offer a wealth of features and benefits which conventional digital systems could never offer. Similarly, functionality which was the preserve of large enterprises - such as call tracking, monitoring and flexible call routing are available at literally a fraction of the cost. IP Telephony is the telephony of the future because it is inexpensive in relation to digital systems and is, by its nature, capable of giving you real business advantages.

The cost savings come from the reduced need for infrastructure - you don't need to have specific cables routed to each desk for the phone as its uses your existing network. In fact you don't even need a phone as it can all be run from your desktop! For those preferring traditional handsets, these are available so there are no disadvantages from moving from a traditional phone system.